Earth & Water Resources, LLC

Ted Smith Serves as Volunteer Expert Advisor

September 2014:  Ted Smith, P.G. C.P.G, of Earth & Water Resources, LLC was recently  recruited by the International Executive Service Corps (IESC); a  Washington D.C based international development non-profit organization,  to serve as a volunteer expert advisor to local government in China (  IESC deploys consultants and volunteer experts to developing countries  to provide managerial and technical expertise to private enterprises,  emerging industries, financial institutions, and governments. Their  continuing mission statement is “Prosperity & Stability through Private Enterprise.”

Mr.  Smith spent two weeks (July 18 through August 2) in China, dividing his  time between Zibo City, Zichuan District in Shandong Province, as well  as the city of Taiyuan in Shanxi Province. His responsibilities  consisted of the following:

  • Advising  local government officials on various issues regarding land subsidence  problems associated with former coal, iron and clay mining sites.
  • Provided advice and consultation regarding ground water contamination issues associated with former mine sites. 
  • Advising local government on modern industry standards and practices for land restoration and reclamation. 
  • Discussed regulatory framework for mine design, permitting and reclamation, as well as management of ground water resources.

In  Taiyuan, Mr. Smith also gave a presentation to government officials on  the investigation and remediation of ground subsidence problems  associated with sinkhole development in Florida, with particular  emphasis on a paper he published on the 2006 Scott Lake sinkhole in  Lakeland, Florida.

Like  Florida, China is also greatly affected by sinkholes and land  subsidence problems causing damage to buildings, infrastructure and  disruption to local populations. It was a great honor to be called upon  to serve as an expert advisor in China. While I was able to offer my  expertise and answer many of their questions regarding sinkholes and  land subsidence issues, I also learned great deal about their society  and culture – knowledge which I can apply to my own practice and share  with my geology and engineering colleagues."


****Earth & Water Resources is now licensed for geological work in Tennessee****