Joel M. Cornwall



Professional Summary

Joel  Cornwall is a professional geologist with more than ten years experience  investigating subsidence and sinkhole-impacted structures. Mr. Cornwall  is recognized as a Neutral Evaluator by the Florida Department of  Financial Services for the purposes of conducting alternate dispute  resolutions of property insurance sinkhole claims and has conducted  twenty-one Neutral Evaluations since May 2012. Mr. Cornwall’s expertise  in determining the presence of sinkhole activity at a property, as  defined by Florida Statute §627.706-707, is based on his involvement in  more than 1,000 investigations of residential and commercial properties,  including more than a dozen multiple-building commercial and  condominium properties. His experience includes performing forensic  geologic and geotechnical investigations and performing or supervising  tasks such as SPT borings, CPT soundings, geophysical surveys, monitor  well installation, sediment and water sampling, and rock coring. Mr.  Cornwall has also deployed outside the USA for short-term geotechnical  and geophysical projects in Western Australia and Mexico.

Work Experience

Seismic Survey in Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico (2012)

Field  coordinator for a deep seismic survey within an urban environment to  aid in determining the location of a waste injection well for a chemical  processing plant. The project involved the collection of 135 km of 2D  seismic data.

Electrical Resistivity Imaging Survey, Davenport, Florida (2012)

Field  operations manager and geologist for an electrical resistivity imaging  survey within a rapid infiltration basin at a wastewater facility to  delineate a confining unit and monitor borings and well installation.  The objective was to identify geologic features that might impact  groundwater flow and to provide ground-trothing with confirmatory  borings.

Sinkhole Investigations in Florida

  • Project manager and geologist for sinkhole investigation of a 12-story residential condominium building in Winter Haven (2011).
  • Project  manager and geologist for sinkhole investigation of a commercial retail  and storage complex consisting of 14 structures on two parcels  involving two insurers in Winter Haven (2011).
  • Field  operations manager and geologist for sinkhole investigation of a  multi-building, multi-level condominium complex in Dunedin (2009). This  project involved structures with previous remediation for sinkhole  conditions, structures that had been subjected to destructive testing,  and structures that were subject to emergency stabilization  recommendations by other consultants.

Geotechnical Testing at Onshore LNG Depot, Broome, Western Australia (2010)

Staff  geologist on standby to finalize project field documents; trained in  Australian and British standards for geotechnical testing.

Economic Assessment of Limestone Bedrock, Sumter County, Florida (2005)

Staff  geologist to monitor and log limestone corings to assess economic uses  and potential for development of a quarry.  The project included  limerock bearing ratio and chemical composition testing to determine  potential use for aggregate or cement.

Sediment/Water Sampling in Settlement Ponds, Plant City, Florida (2005)

Staff geologist to collect sediment and water samples from settlement ponds at a decommissioned phosphate processing plant.

Construction Monitoring of Earthworks, Various Locations in Florida (2005 - 2011)

Staff  geologist to observe and document construction of various earthworks at  mine and quarry sites, including slurry walls, berms, and recharge  ditches.

Employment History

Earth & Water Resources, LLC - Lakeland, Florida

Geologist/Neutral Evaluator: 2013 to present

AMEC Environment & Infrastructure, Inc. (BCI Engineers & Scientists, Inc.) - Lakeland, Florida

Project Manager/Neutral Evaluator: 2011 - 2012

Commercial Claims Project Manager: 2010 - 2011

Staff Geologist/Project Geologist: 2003 - 2010

Licenses, Certifications, and Professional Affiliations

Professional Geologist, Florida (No. 2622)

Licensed Geologist, Washington (No. 2918)

Florida Department of Financial Services Certified Neutral Evaluator

MSHA Mine Safety Training

Electrical Resistivity Imaging Training, Advanced Geosciences, Inc.

American Institute of Professional Geologists

Geological Society of  America